Internet ConnectionThe Village Internet system was shut down on June 28, 2011, on the recommendation of the Financial Task Force. Internet services are paid by you, the individual homeowner. Some Internet service providers in our area are:

AT&T U-verse (Internet Only) - or

Comcast (Xfinity) -

HughesNet - (satellite Internet - Your unit must have a clear view of the southern sky) -

All Connect -

Satellite & Cable

Satellite and Cable TV!

There are satellite dishes on all the buildings at the Village. As you may already know, no one is allowed to install any items on the exterior of the building, including, but not limited to, individual satellite dishes, bird feeders, pictures, wind chimes.

All TV service is paid for by individual residents.  This includes wiring on the inside of your unit. 

Cable service is provided by Comcast. Their customer service number is 800-945-2288


    Garbage Pickup and Recycling 

For information on garbage pick up and recycling days,
visit Republic Services at Garbage pickup and recycling service in the condo buildings is paid for by the association out of your monthly dues. Townhouses pay for their own services.



xNeed info on PG&E?Go to Everything inside your unit needs to run on electricity. The boilers that heat water for the condo buildings are run on gas. You pay for the electricity to your unit or townhouse, and the association pays for all the rest (outside lights, pool heaters/pumps, etc.) out of your monthly dues.

See Pipeline and Safety Information from PG&E - UPDATED! PG&E has asked the board to get information to Village residents about their pipelines and safety because we are within about 2,000 feet of a gas pipeline. Please read this to see what to do in an emergency.



Energy Saving Tips Energy Saving Tips - The Community Associations Institute-California Legislative Action Committee recommends this California Energy Commission site for tips on reducing energy usage.

xWho takes care of the Water?
For the condo buildings, the association pays for all the water supplied to out of your monthly dues. This means the water to your unit as well as water for the pool, landscaping, and cleaning outside your unit. Townhouses pay for their own water.



Information from
Daly City About
Chloramine in Our Water

Here's an article reprinted from the Daly City Web site for those of you with questions about the switch from chlorine to chloramine.



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