Reserve Studies

We began making the reserve studies available in PDF* format on this Web site in December, 2010. If you would like hard copies of these or previous reserve studies, please contact the management company. Please note that there will be a copying and postal charge for them to send you a hard copy.


Every Three Years. At least once every three years, the board of directors shall cause to be conducted a reasonably competent and diligent visual inspection of the accessible areas of the major components that the association is obligated to repair, replace, restore, or maintain. Civil Code §1365.5(e). A reserve study is not actually a "study" of the roofs, boilers, streets, etc. Instead, it is a list of the major common area components with an estimation of their remaining useful life.

Annual Updates.
The allocation of reserve items is not written in stone. Allocations are only projections and subject to revision annually as roofs, boilers, etc. wear out at their own rates. As a result, the board must review the association's reserve study, or cause it to be reviewed, annually and shall consider and implement necessary adjustments to the the reserve account requirements as a result of that review. Civil Code §1365.5(e).

Reserve Studies
2009 Reserve Study (Full) 2017 Reserve Study
2010 Reserve Study (Update) 2018 Reserve Study
2012 Reserve Study (Update) 2019 Reserve Study
2013 Reserve Study (Full) 2020 Reserve Study
2014 Reserve Study (Update)  
2015 Reserve Study (Update)  
2016 Reserve Study  



Real Estate Transactions:

If you are looking for documents needed for a real estate transaction, go to which has simplified the process of delivering and obtaining Homeowners Association data as needed for real estate transactions.


Other Valuable Condo Information

"Davis-Stirling Act" -- California Civil Code 1350-1376 covering Common Interest Developments. You can see this on the ECHO (Executive Council of Homeowners) site here:


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